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Are you looking for products to give your interior more boost, colour or style? Unique products for your own style of living? Or are you looking for an original present?
Design Fabrix sells colourful living and lifestyle accessories with graphic prints. Our designers come from Scandinavia or are inspired by Scandinavian design like a lot of designers from Great Brittain. Sustainable products made with love by independent designers worldwide. 

The collection is characterized by:

- natural honest materials;
- pure design;
- functional;
- colour;
- graphic prints;
- Scandinavian designers or designers inspired by Scandinavian design.

Less is more

The Scandinavian style of living is known for minimalism, simplicity, sleek design, light (lots of white), natural materials, comfort and functionality. Attention is paid to details and eye-catching accessories.

Scandinavian graphical and natural prints

Scandinavians do like prints in their interior. Especially graphic and natural prints. They provide a playful and exciting effect. You can find prints on pillows, cushions, on the wall or in carpets.  

Scandinavian interior with colour

As a counterpart to the light interior style, colours are also used. Soft neutral and natural coulors with a gray undertone like pastel coulors. In addition, brightly coloured shades such as red, dark blue and green are being used as contrast.

Prints and colour makes the Scandinavian style of living unique and personal.
As long as the whole looks quiet, there are no limits.


Design Fabrix sells products of more then 50 independent designers worldwide. Independent designers who work for themselves and whose products are not for sale everywhere.

Scandinavian: Marimekko, Malin Westberg, Kauniste, Ekelund, Ferm Living, Jangneus, Kattinatt, Kurtis en Humdakin.
Great-Brittain: Donna Wilson, Lush designs, Mary Fellows, Peter Ibruegger, Sukie, Twisted Twee, Wild Wolf, Rob Ryan en Pintuck. 
South-Africa: Skinny laMinx, Love Milo en Lu West, 
Polen: Ringo Star en Kalimba,
Italie: Uashmama. 
Lithuania: notPERFECTLINEN
Japan: Masking Tape en Paumes. 
France: Fred the dog en George et Rosalie.  
United States: Avril Loreti, Blabla kids en Inkodye. 
The Netherlands: Jurianne Matter, Hollandsche Waaren, Koel Magazine, Hamman34, A little lovely company, Knit Factory, MaduMadu, ONSHUS, ONTWERPDUO, PiNeut likeuren, Studio Snowpuppe, Studio Stationery, Wow goods, Zilverblauw. 

Our SALE contains products who didn't fit our vision. 

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